About me#


I am a researcher at Inria in POEMS team.


My research focuses on wave propagation problems, Decomposition Domain Methods (DDM) and Boundary Integral Equations (BIE). I am also developing a library for distributed compressed matrices called Htool using MPI. It can be used via FreeFEM for solving BIEs, via PETSc for black-box compression, and directly via C++ or its Python interface.


I also teach at ENSTA courses related to applied mathematics and programming. I wrote Computer Tools to introduce useful tools for programming.

Previous work experience

Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bath, where I worked with Euan Spence. I did my Ph.D under the supervision of Xavier Claeys and Frédéric Nataf at Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL) in Sorbonne Université, and I was a member of the joint Inria-LJLL project team Alpines. My thesis was funded by the ANR (French National Research Agency) via the ANR project NonlocalDD.


UMA, ENSTA Paris, 828 Boulevard des Maréchaux, 91120 Palaiseau

2nd floor, office 2.2.31

01 81 87 21 08