1.1. Disclaimers#

Before reading the content of this document, you should be aware that

  • I have studied very little computer science and informatics in my undergraduate studies. Most of what I know now comes from self-learning, and practice. If you disagree, or if you think there is a better way than what I will present, please share your ideas and contribute to this document!

  • The target audience for this document is people who have also studied very little computer science and informatics, but still need to code.

  • A workflow is personal, meaning that what I present may not be entirely adequate to your own way of reasoning. But I hope it can inspire you to think about your workflow, and that it can give you ideas on how to make it more efficient.

  • The tools I will present are maintained and well-documented at the time of writing, so I will focus on what they can bring you and refer to their documentation for installation and more technical discussions.

  • For those doing theoretical research, I should point out that writing a \(\LaTeX\) document is coding.